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Founding an offshore company is the easiest route to advantageous tax optimisation.

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An “offshore company” refers to the legal form of a business founded and registered in a country with advantageous tax regulations. They are commonly known as companies operating in a “tax haven” and entrepreneurs use them to optimise the taxation of their business and shareholder profits. Ensuring the anonymous ownership structure of the company or entire holding, easy administration and related international image are a matter of course.


SPOLEČNOSTI RAZ, DVA, TŘI not only offers ready-made offshore companies, but can also tailor the foundation of an offshore company and required structure for the desired tax optimisation in one of the “tax havens” of your choice. The related fee includes the provision of a registered office in the country and arrangement of related nominee services.

Buy a ready-made offshore company today and start doing business immediately! You will get an advantageous form of business with an international image, save money and avoid complicated formalities. Support and advice from SPOLEČNOSTI RAZ, DVA, TŘI in all the steps required to obtain your ready-made offshore or create your own is a matter of course. Discover all the benefits of this unique service with us!

Ready-made companies

Buying a ready-made company is the fastest way to start operating your business immediately.

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Provision of
a registered office

Obtain a registered office for your company in downtown Prague, starting from €20 per month.

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