Ready-made companies

Buy a ready-made company and start operating immediately. Arranged within 24 hours.

From €370

I want to buy a ready-made company


Acquire the company of your dreams in the shortest possible time.

From €390

I want to found my own company


Acquire a registered office for your company in downtown Prague.

From €20 per month

I want a registered office for my company

Nově nabízíme ready made s.r.o. již od 9.900,- Kč Získejte sídlo na Praze 8 již za 450,- Kč / měsíčně Od 1.1.2014 povinné webové stránky pro a.s. a SE! Ušetřete a využijte naší služby web compliance! Nově nabízíme ready made evropské společnosti již za 48.900,- Kč Získejte sídlo na Praze 2 již za 500,- Kč / měsíčně


You want to start running a business quickly and easily. Don’t waste time going to the authorities and dealing with formalities. You want to focus on one thing, your business. SPOLEČNOSTI RAZ, DVA, TŘI is exactly the partner you’ve been looking for. With us you have a green light. You can buy a ready-made company from us and start operating immediately, or have a company founded based on your requirements. Everything is as fast and easy as one, two, three.

We also offer the provision of a registered office and a number of auxiliary services that will help you launch your business. We can mediate preferential telephone tariff plans for business, recommend our web designers, accountants, banking advisors or lawyers. We provide complete service for the launch of development of your business.


Důvod 1Because there is nothing easier. Simply write or call us, tell us your requirements and you can start operating your business within 24 hours. You can handle everything with us in person or from the comfort of your home.

Důvod 2Because we know that your every project is unique and requires a personal and professional approach.

Důvod 3Because we know that you don’t want to waste money. We provide our services quickly, effectively and for exceptionally prices.

Ready-made s.r.o. (Ltd.)

from €370
Ready-made s.r.o. is the ideal start for your business. More information about s.r.o.

Ready-made a.s. (JSC)

from €1,700
Ready-made a.s. is suitable for both large and small entrepreneurs. More information about a.s.

Ready-made SE

from €1,700
Ready-made SE gives your business and international image. More information about SE